Here's a list of terms, acronyms, and other jargon that might help you acclimate. 

Anniversary Year
The 12 month period beginning the 1st day of the month following the day you joined Keller Williams. Associates who are capped earn 100% of their commissions until they “roll over” on their anniversary dates.

Agent Leadership Council (ALC)
The group of individuals drawn from the top 20% of producers in the market center that help make decisions for the market center that pertain to Culture, Productivity, Profit and Growth. They are the guardians of the culture. 

The maximum amount of company dollar (or royalty) an associate will pay during their anniversary year. Cap amounts vary by market center. Once the cap is met the associate earns 100% of their commission until they “roll over” on the following anniversary.

An associate who produces a high enough volume level to cap.

Career Growth Initiative (CGI, not to be confused with GCI below)
A suite of interconnected tools including the CGI calculator that provide a view into an associate’s business by tracking metrics like production and profitability.

Company Dollar
The amount of each commission that is paid to the market center. The market center uses these funds to pay bills and make a profit.

Gross Commission Income (GCI)
The total amount of the commission earned in a transaction before the it is split.

Keller Williams Realty International (KWRI)
The franchisor of Keller Williams Realty market centers.

Market Center Administrator (MCA)
The member of staff that is responsible for operations in a market center.

Franchise fees paid to KWRI. Royalty is 6% of each gross commission; every associate in the company is capped at $3,000 per anniversary year.

The process during which the MCA sends month-end financials to KWRI. Transmittal must occur by the end of the third business day of each month.